What are the top 5 media agencies?

See Adbrands' individual country pages (e.g., U.S. US or UK) to see the rankings of major media agencies in local markets. MDC Partners has more than 50 partners worldwide and is known as a global advertising holding company that invests in partner agencies in the areas of advertising, marketing, media management, technology, consumer analytics and information, direct marketing and strategic consulting. In simple terms, media agencies are the companies responsible for overseeing the delivery of advertising campaigns by deciding where ads will appear (a process known as media planning) and then negotiating the higher rates with media owners, such as broadcasters and publishers ( buying media).

Operating only in the U.S. In the US, Horizon Media is the country's last major independent media planning and purchasing agency, even larger than the local offices of several global networks. Empower, another of the last remaining independent media outlets in the United States, has gone from being a pure media agency to becoming a more diversified business that also offers a wide range of creative services, especially in the digital sector. While it remains true that most of their revenues come from the media, in the mid-19th century, agencies began offering additional services that sold directly to the client.

Originally formed by the gray advertising media department, it is especially strong in Europe and in the two key markets of the United Kingdom and Germany. Carat was for years the largest independent media outlet in the world, with no direct links to any of the major advertising networks. These networks offer services such as branding, strategic media buying and planning, healthcare marketing, and digital marketing. It was suggested that sometimes media planners and researchers were more closely involved in the project because of their personal relationships with their clients.

Omnicom is comprised of five major agency networks, including Media One Marketing Group, which oversees more than 1500 agencies as parent companies. The agency is part of the Interpublic network and is a member of the IPG Mediabrands group with Initiative, Magna, Mediabrands Audience Platform and three other agencies. The most prominent advertising companies in the Omnicom Group are BBDO Worldwide, DDB Worldwide, DAS Group of Companies, Omnicom Media Group and TBWA Worldwide. Dentsu Aegis Network is a multinational digital marketing and media company operating in London, England, and is wholly owned by the Japanese media agency Dentsu.

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