Who is the Best Digital Marketing Expert in India?

Sorav Jain is widely regarded as one of the best digital marketing professionals in India. He is a digital marketing consultant, speaker, author, and TEDx consultant on digital marketing trends. His strong business acumen has earned him a place among India's top digital marketers. He has also written a book titled “Edge of Sanity” that provides an insightful look into entrepreneurship.

Prateek Shah is one of India's most renowned digital marketing trainers and the founder of Digital Defynd, a popular portal for finding and training through the best online courses and programs from around the world. Prateek has trained numerous professionals in the domain of digital media and marketing, and has conducted trainings and workshops for B schools and companies in India and abroad. He also offers certifications at the end of his trainings or workshops. Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of India's most valued content marketing agency Write Right (www.write-right.in).

He has also co-founded Dad of Ad, a 360-degree digital marketing company, and Estorytellers, a full-fledged content marketing agency. At 28 years old, Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of India's youngest digital marketers, representing India among the world's renowned professionals. Sorav Jain began his journey into digital marketing at the age of 17. He completed his bachelor's degree at Loyola College in Chennai and his master's degree in International Marketing Management at the University of Leeds Business School. To share his experiences, Sorav began giving informational lectures on digital marketing at NASSCOM, the Industry Association of India, and respected institutes such as IIM Kozhikode, LIBA, and many others.

He has organized more than 100 workshops and trained over 3,500 professionals in social networks. Bhavik Sarkhedi has contributed to some of the best publications, including YourStory, Huffington Post, Good Firms, Clutch, and more than 45 international magazines and publications. He has written more than 2,500 blogs and articles and authored four books with two bestsellers: The Weak Point Dealer and The Unproposed Guy. Bhavik Sarkhedi has delivered more than 7.5 lakh leads to date with an impressive ROI. Ananth Narayan is a three-time recipient of Asia's Global Digital Marketing Professional CMO Award. He is also the world first place winner of the Peter Drucker Challenge in the Entrepreneurs group in 40 countries.

Ananth Narayan is a well-known speaker, social media influencer, corporate trainer, coach, digital marketing management coach & digital strategist for some of the top Fortune 500 companies from top corporate brands & elite academic institutions around the world. Pradeep Chopra graduated from IIT Delhi and is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Vidya, a leading digital marketing and data analytics training company. Pradeep Chopra has been part of the Internet industry since 2000 and has shown tremendous growth in the field of marketing industry. His goal was to form digital marketing as a place of learning to promote talent in this field. Digital Vidya provides a platform to learn about digital marketing through courses that have changed the fortunes of more than 38,000 professionals from more than 55 countries in the last 10 years.

Lakshmipathy Bhat has 25 years of experience in the marketing world with an impressive balance between traditional advertising methods and new digital information. He is currently the head of business communications for Robosoft Technologies, which is a leader in flexibility solutions. Kunal Choudhary is the founder and director of Delhi School of Internet Marketing with an MBA in Marketing from Amity University. At 28 years old, Kunal Choudhary began his career as an SEO executive for some of the top Fortune 500 companies from top corporate brands & elite academic institutions around the world. In conclusion, these are some of India's top 10 digital marketers along with their profiles: Sorav Jain, Deepak Kanakaraju (DigitalDeepak), Prateek Shah (Digital Defynd), Bhavik Sarkhedi (Write Right), Ananth Narayan (CMO Award Winner), Pradeep Chopra (Digital Vidya), Lakshmipathy Bhat (Robosoft Technologies), Kunal Choudhary (Delhi School of Internet Marketing). These individuals have revolutionized the world of digital marketing with their dynamism and adaptability.

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