Which Company is Best in Global Marketing?

In reality, very few understand the power of marketing like Apple (AAPL). Red Bull is one of the few companies that have achieved global recognition through their remarkable product and event marketing strategy. From the Red Bull Grand Prix in Indianapolis to the Red Bull Air Race in the UK and the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Jordan, the brand's powerful event marketing strategy has taken them around the world. In addition to events, Red Bull packaging also plays a role in its global appeal.

Airbnb has grown to more than 150,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities around the world. Their video campaign titled “Made Possible by Hosts” has been a great success with more than 3 million people around the world participating, creating content or talking about it. Airbnb is inherently an international brand because its guests and hosts come from a wide variety of locations around the world. Dunkin Donuts has more than 3,200 stores in 36 countries outside the U.

S. UU., offering a variety of flavors from Korea's Grapefruit Coolata to Lebanon's Mango Chocolate Donut and Russia's Dunclairs. Domino's has also prioritized menu innovation as a means to increase international interest and awareness. Rezdy is an Australia-based booking software designed to make online bookings easy for both tourists and agents.

Although Rezdy's clients are based in Australia, the company needs to serve its clients' international visitors. On its homepage, it says it works for operators and agents in more than 100 countries. The service is designed for use worldwide, with hundreds of customization options for the tool's time zone, language and currency. The World Wildlife Fund takes a literal approach to global marketing by having hundreds of offices around the world, each with highly localized objectives for each region.

It goes global every year with its Earth Hour initiative, a voluntary global event in which participants turn off the lights for an hour to demonstrate how easy it can be to fight climate change. Nike has been able to evolve its global presence through a careful selection of international sponsorships, such as its previous long-standing relationship with Manchester United. Nike's “Nike by You” co-creation platform serves as another strategy the company is using to attract international markets by putting the power of design in the hands of the consumer. Partnering with other brands, influencers and ambassadors in your international target markets can also help you reach a global audience.

Innocent Drinks is an example of this, as they are now available in 15 countries in Europe despite being a domestic service.

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